Monday, September 11, 2017

Review: Breathing You In

Breathing You InBreathing You In by S. Moose

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Breathing You In by S. Moose is a straight up roller coaster of a ride. I felt so many different emotions in this book I am still ensure of how I feel about certain aspects. Logan is my main concern. I am unsure of exactly how I feel about his character. He has a lot of built up anger and grief but he lets it pull him to such an ugly place. Then you have beautiful Hannah who has also experienced tragedy as well as loss and is in such a happy place. They are polar opposites of each other.

Shannon I disliked her from the first chapter even though she wasn't a solid character throughout the book. Paige turned me off as well. The way some of the character's in this book display themselves is downright disgusting. Yet the way Hannah carries herself and helps build Logan back to the man he once was helps bring this book back to life for me. She erases his poor attitude and horrible demeanor.

I can say she is a better woman that I will ever be. I know I could not stay with someone who pulled me in and pushed me away in the manner in which Logan treats Hannah. It's demeaning. She is such a sweet loveable girl and so innocent. Logan is great when he isn't being an absolute A**.

Once I got the just of Logan and seen why he is the way he is I was able to enjoy the book.

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