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A Trilogy of Desire

Charamaine Louise Shelton’s A TRILOGY OF DESIRE: LACHLAN & HAILEY is out now! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy!


Author: Charmaine Louise Shelton

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Welcome to the titillating world of the multibillion-dollar global companies and the love affairs of the families that control them.   Now the passionate love affair of Lachlan and Haley’s love story is complete! Tempt My Desires Lachlan & Haley Part I Sizzling Forbidden Love Sexy as Sin Billionaire Tempted By Best Friend’s Untouched Kid Sister Can their off-limits romance take flight, or will circumstances prove too much for the taboo pair?   Tease My Desires Lachlan & Haley Part II Scorching Second Chance Romance Can a certain violet-eyed Scottish lass in Lachlan's life make up for his loss of Haley? Or will their irresistible magnetism draw them together again?   Grant My Desires Lachlan & Haley Part III Steamy Love Triangle Romance Will sexy as sin Lachlan finally claim shy-cum-feisty Haley Steele The One he's always loved? Or will their complicated past interfere with their fairytale future?   The Trilogy features the Happy For Now conclusion of their not-to-be-denied romance. Their tryst is a standalone in the series.  

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Exclusive Excerpt:

He wants to talk, well, we’ll talk. Now. Adrenaline pumps in my veins to provide fuel for my goal. Boldly, I press the doorbell on his suite. It takes a few rings before he opens it and whammo! Lachlan stands before me with damp hair, bare feet, and only a towel slung low at his hips. The eight-pack abs and the v-cuts of his Adonis belt on full blast. A feathery happy trail disappears below the towel. It directs my eyes to the outline of a long, thick cock with a mushroom head rests against his thigh, damn near to the middle of it. My pussy spasms, and my ovaries explode. “Haley?” He asks, unsure since I stand dumbstruck before him. I blink and pick my jaw up from the floor. “L—Lachlan,” I squawk, then clear my suddenly parched throat and try again. “Lachlan, you wanted to speak with me.” Now he blinks but recovers quickly. With a slight nod, he opens the door further and steps aside. I return his nod and enter the lion’s domain—I mean Lachlan’s suite. Thankful I don’t collapse on my jellied knees, I make my way to a sofa. Remembering my finishing school pointers on being a lady, I sit gracefully and cross my legs at the ankles. My gaze lifts to Lachlan expectantly. “Er… Give me a second to change,” he says as he runs his thick fingers through his hair, biceps flex. I nod and smooth my dress. Lachlan tracks my movement, then swipes his hand over his face with a low groan before he pivots on his heel. He returns in a black t-shirt that molds to his muscular torso and a pair of gray sweatpants that fail to hide his massive bulge. Unconsciously, I lick my lips as I stare at his crotch. Lachlan coughs. I drag my eyes up to his as I take in his flat stomach and pronounced pecs. Damn, this man is fine. “Are you all right, Haley?” He asks with his head tilted as he observes me. “Absolutely,” I respond. “So, talk to me, Lachlan. I’m all yours.” My sassy demand makes him stifle a chuckle. He nods and sits on the sofa across from me. I purse my lips at his choice of seating. “I won’t bite, you know. Well, unless…” I bait him with a flutter of my eyelashes. Damn, I’m a wild girl! The corner of his mouth quirks up. “I want to speak with you, but perhaps tomorrow would be better.” Lachlan says and moves to the minibar. “Here, drink some water. You’ll feel better.” I gape at him. Oh no, he didn’t. “You know what would make me feel better, Lachlan Jackson?” I query as I swat the bottle of water from his hand. “You! You on my lips, not some bubbly water!” His eyes pop from their sockets like a cartoon character. “You tease me with your heated gazes, then ignore me! Well, I’m tired of waiting for you to make a move, Lachlan! So, here I am. Fuck me!” I shout.  

About the Author:

Charmaine Louise Shelton the Founder, CEO & Author of CharmaineLouise New York, Inc. loves all things classic, elegant, feminine, and of course with an erotic edge! Favorite outfit of choice is a cashmere cardigan, leather pencil skirt, and seamed silk stockings with stiletto heels. Sexy Fantasy Type: sub with a dash of Voyeur. When not writing and designing, Charmaine Louise travels and spends time with her Maltese buddies, ZIGGY and Jynger. She loves to hear from her readers!

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