Saturday, February 25, 2017

Part 1 of my Review of Love at First Laugh by multiple authors.

Second Impressions by Pepper Basham

Surprise you have a roommate on a vacation you didn't plan! Nora handled this situation with more GRACE than I personally would ever be able to master. The question here though would be did her matchmaking mother arrange this or did his match making uncle, of course this could be just one huge misunderstanding.

This story is lovely and lighthearted. I adored the quick whit in which Nora defended herself for being an AUSTEN NUT. Ethan is a man tired of being used for his money and jumps to conclusions before finding out the facts.

My downside to this particular Novella is that I felt as if I was missing too much between the lines when we switched scenes in book. It would go from a conversation to something else completely and to me that made it feel a little jumpy. I also am not a huge history buff and must confess the Regency period does nothing for me. Not to say the story is set in that time period it just talks a lot about that time.

Mowed Over By Christa Coryell

I adore Willow's sense of humor. At first I was a little worried about her sanity myself but the more I read about her the more I enjoyed her. She has a very creative side and is very entertaining. Poor Clint is so weary of her he isn't sure what to think. I can't say I blame him though she came on a little crazy strong by throwing herself in the path of his mower. Clint is a sweet kind gentleman with a burly mountain man side.. I love the fact he has a beard. I love a beard. The whit between the two made this Novella absolutely entertaining I adored it. The lightness, the faith, as well as the love it was absolutely wonderful.

An Informal Affair by Heather Gray

Best friends or something more? Only the joys of several failed dates with others can answer that question. The laughter of this Novella was absolutely humorous I laughed pretty much the entire way through. I am loving the stories of the failed online dates. The lies people tell and the way people live are very entertaining.  I literally laughed out loud at the Network stowaway Elf. I think it has to be my favorite line in the Novella. I tend to pick apart everything though and my issue with this one would have to be that Lia is way to set on finding her perfect match. It's almost like she lives to find her soulmate and forces Maverick to do the same. To me it made her seem way to needy.

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