Friday, February 3, 2017

Wishes At First Light by Joanne Rock

I fell in love with this series in book one Promises Under a Peachtree. Heartache, TN is a small town that will absolutely astonish you and take your breath away. Seeing as I am originally from TN I absolutely love how Joanne describes this town. It makes me want to visit it so bad. I honestly get the debt of feeling like I know all the characters personally.

 Getting to read Gabbys story is priceless. With everything she has been through in life her story will rock you to the core. Gabby is nothing if not a survivor. The ordeals she faced as a teenager made her the strong willed woman she was today! Her story makes a quote from the book perfectly adequate. "It only takes one voice-at just the right pitch-to start an avalanche." You can run from your past but sometimes it takes coming home to find happiness and closure. The past will always be there you just have to find a way to push through it.

Then you have Clayton who has cared for Gabby all along but never knew how to approach it at the right time. So he set his life path to find family members that his father left in different parts of the country, eventually he gave up looking for more. Once he returns he finds another sister who needs his help as well as Gabbys.

This book has so much depth. The pain Gabby and Clay face before they make their way back to each other is so real. I absolutely loved it as well as the characters. Joanne Rock this is another amazing book in this series. You always leave me wanting more. I love how even in her HSE Joanne still leaves a little suspense. This little series is one you absolutely do not want to miss.

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