Sunday, February 12, 2017

Just a Little Bit Married by Teresa Southwick

I absolutely adore Rose and Linc... I have to say that this story is amazing. I haven't literally laughed out loud at a book in a long time! Little Leah is the absolute cutest! I love the feel of the book! These characters truly belong together and the chemistry is out of this world.

Linc is a bit of a stubborn man who refuses to see past his DNA and him not being who he thinks he is.
Rose is a soft hearted woman who was left broken by this man who waltzes back into her life like he never left it.

The story of the two of them working together to complete his condo and get her business out of the dirt is both comical and romantic. The witty banter between the two indescribable. The Love Linc has for his little Sister is an exact match for the relationship my own brother and I have. Its the best bond in the word. I absolutely ADORE this book. If you haven't read it then you definitely need to. Grad your copy today!

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Until Hanna ARC

EEEKKKK Yall I was so stinking excited to open my kindle to this today!!!