Friday, August 18, 2017

Review: No Getting Over a Cowboy

No Getting Over a Cowboy No Getting Over a Cowboy by Delores Fossen
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No Getting Over a Cowboy is the second Book in the Wrangler's Creek series. I absolutely adore going back to Wrangler's Creek I fell in love with the place when I was read the McCord Brother Series by Delores Fossen as well. Delores Fossen was already a favorite author due to her suspense novels but once I got my hand on her new writing style in the HQN line I knew I HAD to have every book. I feel that this line brings out her better work. In No Getting Over a Cowboy we are visiting the Granger Ranch.

Garrett Granger has fastly became one of my favorite hero's. He is a broken man whom has no choice but to continue to face life and everything that it sees fit to through at him. First he lost his daughter, then his company was in a scandal, and during the scandal his wife is caught cheating. How much more can this poor man take? His one dream is to build the Granger Ranch to everything he knows it has the potential to be. Yet what is gonna happen next? He knows something is coming he just doesn't know what that is yet.

Nicky has lost her husband whom was cheating on her. She just needs time to to heal. Opening up a retreat for other women like her is the perfect solution to solve all her problems. So now she just needs to convince the one man who took her virginity to leave her alone and let her continue to open her Widows home on the property she leased from his mother and hope none of her past comes back to harm her or her daughter while in the process.

No Getting over a cowboy has many bumps and secrets to reveal as you read it. Will Garrett be able to expand the Ranch? Will Nicky get her dreams off the ground? What could possibly go wrong in Wrangler's Creek to stand in the way? You will absolutely love your journey to Wrangler's Creek I know I sure did.

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