Friday, May 12, 2017

Review... A Sandwich Romance Novella Collection by Krista Phillips


This book of 3 Novella's is absolutely wonderful. It so sweet and loving. I loved the interaction between all Characters of Sandwich, IL.

Rachel has been through a horrid ordeal and comparing Cameron to her ex is only going to make things harder for both of them. Yet the Faith Cameron has that God led her into his life for a reason and the way he pursues her because he has such a strong pull toward her is beautiful. I loved the short romance of the two.

Tilly has lived most her life without her husband and he walks back into her life expecting to win her back. Watching the two interact and make their way back to each other was absolutely lovely. It was a wonderful story of two people who never stopped loving each other. They just had lost the way to show each other how they felt along the way.

Beth had been in love with her brother's best friend Garrett since middle and high school yet she never knew Garrett felt the same way. The prank they came up with to make the town think they were dating back fired and all those old feelings came back. The two were absolutely meant for each other.

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