Saturday, March 11, 2017

2017 Title Reading Challenge

A- Ambush at The Gulch by Joanna Wayne (HI) 1-17
B- His Pregnant Courthouse Bride by Rachel Lee (HSE) 1-15
C - His Cinderella Heiress by Marion Lennoxx (HP) 1-5
D- The Doctor's baby Dare by Michelle Celmer HD1-16
E- Contract Wedding Expectant Bride Yvonne Lyndsay (HD) 1-22
F - A Fortune in Waiting by Michelle Major (HSE) 1-5
G- Turquoise Guardian by Jenna Kernan (HI) 2-10
H- Dance's Under The Harvest Moon by Joanne Rock (HSR) 1-7
I- The Cooks Secret Ingredient by Meg Maxwell (HSE) 1-14
J- Just a Little Bit Married by Teresa Southwich (HSE) 2-12
K- A Cowboy to Keep by Karen Rock (HH) 2-4
L- How to Steal The Lawman's Heart by Kathy Douglas (HSE) 1-7
M- Married for The Sheikh's Duty by Tara Pammi (HP)
N- Nanny Bodyguard by Lisa Childs (HRS) 2-5
O- Operation Alpha by Justine Davis (HRS) 2-9
P- Protective Duty by Jessica R. Patch (LIS) 1-30
Q- A Queen For the Taking by Kate Hewitt (HP) 2-12
R- Falling For The Rebound Bride by Karen Templeton (HSE) 1-14
S - Her Sweetest Fortune by Stella Bagwell (HSE) 1-2
T- Taking Aim at The Sheriff by Dolores Fossen HI (1-25)
U- The Playboy's Unexpected Bride by Sandra Marton (HP) 1-6
V- Puppy Love for the VETERINARIAN by Amy Woods (HSE) 1-1
W- Whisper's Under a Southern Sky by Joanne Rock (HSR) 1-13
Y- Need You Now by Debbi Rawlins (HB) 2-12
Z- Zarif's Convenient Queen by Lynne Graham (HP) 3-11

Anyone got a suggestion for a book with the title of X.

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