Sunday, February 25, 2018

Bad Bachelor

Bad Bachelor caught my attention at first by looking at the cover. Then once I saw that Stephanie London wrote it I knew I had to read it. The idea of a dating app that lets you date men is amazing. It reminds me of that saying that men should come with a warning label. Well in this book that's exactly what you get. The men come with a warning label.

When the worst rated man on the app walks into Darcy's work oozing of sex appeal she knows she is in trouble. She must keep her head. She must remember that she wants a safe man not a man that could tear her to shreds inside a bedroom.

Reed is so sick of hearing about this bad bachelors app. He needs to focus on work and the fundraiser he needs to do for his assistant but he has history with libraries why must that be what he needs to help with. Then that prictly little librarian gets under his skin. Something about her turns him inside out.

This book is great I loved it.

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