Tuesday, October 3, 2017

THE UNLUCKY BRIDE by Sylvia McDaniel

The Unlucky Bride by Sylvia McDaniel is the second book the Bride, Texas series. Which just so happens to be set in Bride Texas. Bride Texas is a unique little place and I would love to visit if it was a real town. Laney and Chase are both off to Bride, Texas because of relationship issues. Laney is a bride whom found out her groom wasn't faithful on her wedding day. Chase is a man nursing a broken heart because his girlfriend cheated on him.

Laney and Chase have history. This story is absolutely a second chance romance. I loved the story of how Laney and Chase became together the first time around even though it was very short lived. Laney has a son that has to be first and foremost in her life and watching him and Chase grow close is heartbreaking because once she tells Chase the truth about the secret she is hiding he will leave her and take everything matters to her with him.

Chase is an attorney and he is on a mission to find out who is the father of Laney's little boy because he wants to make him pay for abandoning him. Chase adores him the more he gets to know him. He wants nothing more than to be with Laney and her son. He just has to get her to understand he isn't the same guy he was back in college.

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