Saturday, July 29, 2017

Review: The Boss's Fake Fiancee

The Boss's Fake Fiancee The Boss's Fake Fiancee by Susan Meier
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I adored Lila and Mitch. This story is downright charming. It takes you through all emotions from fear of being loved to being loved. The realness and heartfeltness of this story is stunning. I couldn't put it down. Thank you Susan for such a wonderful piece of work.

Lila had dressed as a mousy assistant for a year. She had been right under Mitch's nose and fell extremely hard for him. She knew putting herself in a position to pretend to be his fiancé was a risk to her heart, but she loved him and would do pretty much anything to help him.

Mitch had saved the family business but he didn't do that till his girlfriend left him for his brother. So in order to prove that it didn't bother him he worked hard to create a whole new life with the business. Yet now he has to face the family at the wedding of his brother and the woman whom he once dated. How can he do that without pretending to be happy himself.

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